All packages include the best photos from the shoot, in both black and white, and colour. High resolution, professionally edited files, delivered to you on a usb mini stick.

Newborn photo shoot





For those beautiful sleeping newborn baby pictures, it is recommended that I come to you within the first two weeks of birth. After this we can of course get some beautiful photos of your little one, but they will be a different type of photo.


Already after two weeks babies are no longer curled up in that little ball they were used to being in from the womb, starting to stretch out their limbs, and are generally more awake and alert.


As all new mothers know, the babies are the boss, and we really have to go with their flow. Pausing for nappy changes, feedings, or just a cuddle. I am completely prepared to allow two to four hours for a shoot.

One single shoot, children/siblings or family photo shoot





Photographs of babies, children, siblings or a family session.

See how I grow photo package





This package is a lovely way to keep a record of those first big events in your baby`s life.


Newborn, 6 months and 1 year.


So this is three photo shoots, and I will give the 1 year shoot a Happy Birthday celebration theme.

Location, Location


duration 1hour.



Maybe you have a favourite place in Oslo where you like to be out and about. Or you just fancy some photos outside somewhere. Let me know where you would like me to meet you and I will snap away as your little one plays in the snow, splashes in the rain or enjoys the sunshine. Anytime of year, there is fun to be had out.

If you are stuck for ideas, I can suggest some great spots.

Hospital visit





It would be a pleasure to come to the birth place, hospital or home, and record the first few hours of your baby's life.

As it is quite impossible to plan dates and times in advance for this, I can not guarantee to be there exactly when I get the message from you to come, but if not, I will try my best to be there on the same day so you can have photos from day one. Just book me in advance and call or text me on the day.


Birth photography





One of the most important days of your life! Take the responsibility of taking photos away from Dad to be, or whoever else is in the room with you, and let me capture this amazing day for you to be able to look back on later on.

Happy to come to your hospital, home, or wherever you are planning to give birth.

I am also available for other celebrations, such as birthday parties, christenings, confirmations etc. Just contact me for further information.